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This website is an investment learning resource, based on my experience gained over 50 years investing in Australian stocks. My objective is to pass on what I have learned over a lifetime of investing. Rather than provide investment advice or recommendations, I want to teach how anyone can develop their own investment plan based on a margin of safety, learning how to make their own decisions in finding good stocks, assessing them for value and safety, buying them at a good price and managing risk. To all members who asked me to extend their membership to end 2019. I have done so, but not replied to your requests individually.

Stock market investors are invited to use the resources provided on this website to improve their investing knowledge and skills. Everything on the website (except for Michael Kemp's articles) is my copyright work. On the free website (green menu bar items) I provide this material at no charge. To access the members' website (red menu bar items), I ask that you pay a small annual fee, which is to cover the cost of the website.

I am continually adding new material to the website.

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I have now begun my 76th year and am finding it an increasing burden to maintain my website. Nobody can go on for ever. What I plan to do is to continue the members website until the end of 2019.  Then I will close the public and the members' website. Memberships will finish at various times until then. If your membership finishes before the end of 2019, you will not get a message to renew, but will lose access to the members website. Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to continue through to 31 December 2019 and I will arrange that for you at no additional costTo all members who have asked me to extend their membership to end 2019, I have done so, and sent a new password. 

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the loyal members who have been with me now for many years.

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There is a great deal of free material on the Free website, including my Educational Articles and Michael Kemp's Articles, over 1,000 questions and answers in Ask ColinBook Reviews, a Glossary of terms, Recommended Reading and a Data Files page.

In addition, there is a section of the website containing more advanced material that builds on what is in my books.

I publish new Educational Articles roughly monthly on various topics centred on investment analysis and methods. Click the blue button at the left to be advised by email when new articles are published.