Investment Plan Changes

My investment plan is set out in my book Building Wealth in the Stock Market. While my investment plan has been largely unchanged for a couple of decades, it is also true that any investment plan is never final because:

This means that over time, I make changes in my investment plan in the ongoing pursuit of better ways to meet my investment objectives.

This page is devoted to setting out the changes I have made to my investment plan since the most recent edition of Building Wealth in the Stock Market.

Important Caveat
The material on this page relates only to my investment plan, which is designed to meet my objectives, my knowldege, my experience, my personality and my investing skills. Every one of us is different in these respects and therefore should of necessity have a differnt investment plan. I must warn anyone who thinks they can just blindly follow my investment plan that they will fail - if they have not thought through the plan in depth and adapted it to fit who they are, they will abandon my plan under pressure.

Documents below are PDF files.

Money Management and Sell Stop Level

Listed Investment Companies: A study with a View to Adding an Element to my Investment Plan

Portfolio Structure for Retirement