Ask Colin

I have trouble remembering everything in FIN231 Technical Analysis (previously E114).  Can you suggest a way?

I think that it is difficult for anyone to remember everything. I have to look things up again myself when I want to use or write about something that I do not use all the time.

Therein lies the point, I think. Most professional analysts and traders only ever use a fraction of the available methods and indicators. In FIN231 (previously E114) we showed you several trend following indicators. However, you probably only really need one of them. Likewise for momentum oscillators. They all do essentially the same job. So, most people pick the ones they are most comfortable with and learn them very well and use them all the time.

FIN231 (previously E114) is like a big toolbox. No tradesman uses all the tools at once and some are only ever taken out for difficult or unusual jobs.