Ask Colin

I bought CWO some six months (oct/2000) @ 4.34 and watched them rise to approx 5.50 and did not sell, a lesson that will not need to be repeated. Should I sell now or hold?

I would like to be able to help you with CWO, but I cannot advise on individual investments, because I am not licensed to do so and do not know enough about you to advise you anyway. The reason I teach seminars is to equip people to make their own decisions rather than being dependent on others.

However, in technical terms, CWO has fallen to a very important support level. Monday's fall is very disturbing from the way I see the chart. You need to consider very carefully whether you can sustain further losses. The key question to answer is would you buy it now if you did not already own it. If the honest answer is yes, then decide where you would not want to own it and sell it if it goes there. If the answer is no, then you should sell it and look for a better opportunity elsewhere.