Ask Colin

On 15.01.00 you wrote an article titled Australian Share Market 15 Jan 2000 Review & Suggested Strategy where you suggested an impending bear market. Where can I read your current view of the markets?

This was an address that I made to the ATAA in Sydney on 17 January 2000. Unfortunately, in some ways, the law has been changed by the parliament since then. As from 2004, it is necessary to have a license as an investment adviser in order to give a view about the market in public. I have no desire to give investment advice. I am more interested in teaching investment skills and methods. I have therefore not sought a licence and have no plan to do so. This means that I am no longer able to give that kind of address to the ATAA or to any other public forum in person or in print.

However, the law allows me to write my views in the media in certain defined circumstances. I am writing a regular weekly column in BRW magazine. It is published most weeks, except when there are special issues, the editor asks me to write a special column on specific stocks only, or when I am travelling or on holidays and unable to follow the market and file a column. If you wish to follow my view of the market, the only way to do so regularly is through my weekly column in BRW.