Ask Colin

Where would I find details about your upcoming investment camps?

At the present (early 2005), I am not doing any teaching, because I am focused on finishing my book The Aggressive Investor. At this stage I think it will be well into 2005 before I am ready to start teaching again. When I have a clear idea of my available time and the timing of the book, I will advertise my teaching program on my website and in my newsletter. Until then the only access to my methods is through my The Agressive Investor, which may be purchased from my web sitee. I am leaning toward teaching my methods in a camp format rather than the exhausting (for me and the students) two-day seminars.

March 2008 Update
I have no plan at present to teach seminars or camps. It may happen one day, but that is for a future opportunity and decision. For now the source of my complete methods is in my book The Aggressive Investor, which may be purchased on my web site.