Ask Colin

Can I still get the videotapes and/or DVDs of your investment plan?

I originally taught my investment plan in a two-day seminar. This was very exhausting, but it was great for making sure I was talking at the right level and addressing typical questions from the participants. Later I did it as an investment camp. I videotaped the camp presentations. When the videotapes were all gone, I transferred it to DVD. Alas they have also all gone long ago. I have spent some time today trying to take references to the videotapes and DVDs off my web site. I hope I got them all, but time will tell.


The reason I did not continue with the DVDs was because the books Building Wealth in the Stock Market, which replaced The Aggressive Investor had everything in them and there was quite an improvement in many ways in the manner of presenting my material. So, what you have in the book is the full plan in its latest form. One day I might do it again as a DVD, but I have no immediate time or plan to do that. That is all in the future.