Ask Colin

I have started learning, but get confused because there are so many things to learn. Am I on the right track?

You are starting on a journey that many have made before you. It often works like this: you read one book and it all seems clear. Then you read more books and it seems to get murkier. This is very normal. It takes some time before all the pieces fit into a trading/investing plan, or are discarded.

Another thing is that when you read a book a technique seems to be fine, but then you have trouble with using it in practice. This is also normal, so just keep working at it until it comes clear. Usually, it will be ten years before you get to the point where you have good clarity and a trading/investing plan that works for you.

 If you do the Kaplan subject FIN231, it should help give you a good framework for all the main tools. This gaining of knowledge is the easy part. After that you have to develop some experience in using it all and finding what will work for you. Only you can make that journey of experience – we can only point the way for you.

I hope this help you to understand what you are taking on. It is hard work, but can be very rewarding once you get there.