Ask Colin

What do I need in Insight Trader to use your methods?

I assume that you have already read the over 50 questions and answers on Insight Trader on my website Ask Colin page, so I will be brief here. 

I have used Insight Trader for over 20 years and it meets all my charting needs.

Assuming that you want to use my methods, you will need to start:

  1. The basic software.
  2. The Systems module for doing scans of the market.
  3. The Database Manager service from Insight Trader to keep your data files up to date with splits etc.

I think you should consider the Portfolio Manager module. It is the best of its kind and ties in with the main database.

I don’t think you need the Live Module. Personally, I use the intraday charts on my broker’s website (CMC Stockbroking).

 You will also need a data service to supply you with a data feed at the end of each day. I use Vestdata, which also trades as Dial&Chart.