Ask Colin

How do you find out when the interim and final results will be announced for companies you own?

I am not sure there is any perfect answer to your question.


Mostly, I pick up reports from the AFR, which I read every day. That covers most large companies and some mid-sized companies and the occasional small company. The index on the back page gives a quick list of companies mentioned for any reason in the paper. I also use the AFR website, which has a listing  of all recent reports, but unfortunately, it does not list company name, so you have to us the search function, which all takes time.

For the stocks I hold, you will have seen in last week’s weekly Market and Portfolio Journal that I had researched and noted the reporting dates for stocks I hold. I could find most of them, but not all – the smaller ones being the hardest to find.

My procedure for finding these dates is:

  1. A few companies email when the announcement will be made to shareholders who opt for email communications eg Wesfarmers
  2. Look in News on my broker’s website, or the ASX website, or the AFR website to see if the company has announced when it will announce its results. My broker’s website is the quickest and easiest of these.
  3. Go to the company website (link in broker’s website or ASX website, otherwise use Google) and look for Corporate Calendar or similar link. Most big companies have this, but below that it is less likely. Sometimes the dates have been flagged in the previous profit announcement, but this can take longer to find with a low payoff, so it needs to be worth your while to do it.

If you cannot find the date and you really need to know badly, you can always email or phone the company and ask. I am surprised how few people ever think to do this. You have nothing to lose, even if they cannot tell you, which will be the case for many small companies. The problem is that for smaller companies, their timing is in the hands of accountants, auditors for final results, and directors. Big companies can and have to set timetables, but smaller companies operate less formally.