Ask Colin

Why don't you publish your watch list?

The detailed question was:

Have you got a watchlist of stocks you are not currently holding? You mention when you remove a stock, (from your holding) that it remains on your watchlist, can we be privy to this list?  Or is your list the Weekly Scans? Do you have a "Short list", I ask because as a new subscriber I haven't yet seen you introduce a new purchase, just remove a couple (RFG, etc.) And also because I am doing my research (using your methods) on some of the Weekly Scans, but I am keen to know if there are some you are about to buy, and why, and so I can research them too.

I have given considerable thought as to whether I could or should publish my watch list:

  1. I am not a licenced adviser and as such, I cannot legally give advice, either general or specific. The definition of advice in the legislation is:  ... a recommendation, a statement of opinion, or a report of either of those things, which is intended to influence, or which could be reasonably regarded as being intended to influence, a person in making a decision in relation to a particular financial product, a class of products or an interest in such products, which you will have read on the Ask Colin page before sending your question. You might ask then what I am doing on the members website: which  you should know from reading the disclaimer that you agree to before entering the members website – what I do is to teach investing, not give advice.

  2. I publish my methods in my books and the Building Wealth Resources section of the members website teaches what I do by using specific examples in the form of my own investments. This is designed to teach you by example by showing you my thinking in my investing.

  3. My own investing – my portfolio, my scans, my watch list etc are all designed around my investment plan. One of the things I stress over and over again is the necessity that each of us should have different investment plan, because we are all different in so many ways and unless our investment plan fits who we are, we will abandon it under pressure in the market because we do not deeply understand its logic. It follows that my watch list is for my plan and your watch list should be for your plan.

    That said, I discuss the way I assess stocks that come up on my scans in my book Building Wealth in the Stock Market. I have also published a number of Market Scan Examples on the members website that take you through my thinking with relevance to my plan stock by stock. I have also in the latest scans described in detail my thinking in general terms about the stocks that come up on the scans and the way I use my watch list, which goes beyond the scans alone.

    What you need to do I think is to look at all the material I provide and my explanations in my book and on the website and design a watch list strategy that meets your needs. In thinking this through, you will have made great progress on your journey to being a better investor.