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Any thoughts on whether GPT is a value or growth stock?

The full question was:

Any thoughts on whether GPT is a value or growth stock?  It dropped from a $19.00 high in July 06 to around $1 in December 08.  Steadily climbing since, now trading at $4.07.

I assume you mean GPT Group.

It is not a stock, I think it is a stapled security (often termed a Real Estate Investment Trust - the acronym REIT is usually used).  As such, my feeling is that it is mainly a trust rather than a stock, because the trust is relatively large (I have not checked this - you need to verify it).

Trusts distribute all income, for tax purposes, which may be an advantage to some investors. As no earnings are retained, they do not have the power of compounding retained earnings that you have in a stock. For this reason, I think trusts have to be evaluated differently. As such, it is outside my investment plan and I have no real knowledge or experience in investing in trusts.

That said, you may observe that I have a holding  in Lend Lease, but in that case the trust income component is relatively very small, so I feel it can be analysed as a stock.

I have no knowledge of GPT Group beyond the occasional mention in the media, so even if I was licensed to advise you, I have no qualification to do so.