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Where can I get free charts of the Coppock indicator for ASX stocks?

The question was:

I've been looking for charting software or preferably a free website,but has ASX companies with filters like the coppock indicator, what software or web site charts would you recommend using to find the coppock curve on ASX companies?

The Coppock indicator was never designed for individual companies. It is a long-term momentum oscillator that was optimised for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but found to work well on any broad market index. It only gives one signal every few years when we are near the bottom of a bear market – buy for long term capital appreciation. You already have those charts and spreadsheet on my website for Australia, US, UK, Japan and China.

 While it could be used for stocks, I have never seen research that demonstrates that to be true – especially since for an index it gives buy, but not sell signals. Coppock himself said he used other indicators for sell signals. I think you would be better to use one of the standard momentum oscillators. I have found that a monthly MACD works similarly to the Coppock indicator for bottom of bear market buy signals. It is far more readily available and in shorter timeframes it has a lot of research behind it for sell signals as well. It was designed for individual stocks.