Ask Colin

Is the AFR Rolling Year Record table still available and if not is there an alternative source?

The detailed question was:

I have used the AFR's Share tables and particularly the Rolling Year Records chart for many years since, I think, you raised it in a newsletter.  However, it seems that it is no longer available.  I have tried to talk to someone at the AFR but without any luck.  Do you know whether that service has finished and if so, is there an alternative?

The AFR still seem to be publishing it, but in a different form – in their share tables, they have little up and down arrows for the new rolling year record highs and lows.

You also have it weekly in the Weekly Market Scans on the members website: 

  • FA My Plan for investment grade stocks only.
  • TA Alt Criteria for all stocks. 

Highs only, I do not scan for lows.

Read the explanation spreadsheet to  understand how each scan is done.