Ask Colin

Is there a tool that will let me find shares that meets a certain criteria e.g. any that achieved price growth over the last 3 months of 30% or more?

I most definitely do. Insight Trader charting software, which I use, specialises in doing the sort of filter of the database of shares that you describe. It is very fast and there is additional functionality: If you have first set up a template chart the way you want to look at each stock that the filter run finds, you can click one button and create a chart for every stock in the list ready for you to analyse them.

Although I don't use it, I believe that MetaStock charting software will be also able to filter for the criteria you describe. I would not be surprised if most good charting software packages will also do it these days.

If you have other sorts of criteria you wish to filter the database for, you might like to have a chat with Bern Chapman on 02 4739 5256. He writes and markets Insight Trader software. You can also visit his web site and download a demonstration version of the software to test before you buy.