Ask Colin

I have done E114 and E171 at the Securities Institute. How does your videotaped seminar vary from this material?

The critical difference between the two Technical Analysis subjects and the videotaped seminar is that E114 and E171 teach analysis only. I do not think you can get a better grounding in technical analysis than is provided by these two subjects. However, having written the two subjects, I was conscious of the need out there for people to go beyond the analysis and learn the whole art of trading.

The videotaped seminar teaches trading by taking you through every aspect of my trading plan. I will explain what I do and why I do it. I will also teach just the technical analysis that I actually use and how it all fits together. The whole plan is built around money management. I teach my methods of money management and take you through some case studies that embed this discipline in practice.

The other important thing about trading is the way you think - the psychology. The plan is a way to build the discipline needed into your trading. I also have a session on the important ways you need to think about markets, trading and analysis that will greatly influence your results.