Ask Colin

Is there any private investor that you know of who is using your method that I could network with?

I think you may be misunderstanding my teaching. I do not teach any method as such. In my main book I outline my investment plan. It is an investment plan that is designed for me and the book was written to provide a model for what should be in an investment plan. It is not something that anyone can copy, because it is for who I am, my knowledge base and my experience over 50 years of investing.


Each of us must devise an investment plan that fits who they are, their knowledge and their experience. So, there is nobody out there who will have, or should have, the same investment plan as I have or you have. Each investor must think through and test and then implement their own investment plan. This means that there is nobody in Melbourne or anywhere else who can or should be trying to just copy my plan. If they try, I assure you that they will not hold to it when they come under pressure in the market, as inevitably they will.


This means that you need to take what is in my plan and mould it to your personality and knowledge and experience. Then as you implement it you will find faults and think out how to correct them and so on over time until it settles into something that works for you.


I hope this helps point you in the right direction for the intellectual journey you need to make.