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What are the best five bookson psychology?

The detailed question was:

From the books you have found helpful in developing your investment philosophy and methods, i'd appreciate knowing the 5 books you have found on the psychology of investing please?

My reading on psychology has been very wide as is appropriate for such a wide subject. While books are important in making the academic research more accessible, for greater depth it is also good to read the actual research, so the books are only a starting point. I don’t know where I would start to try to boil it down to five books because it depends on what aspect of the broad subject you are interested in. Moreover, to develop a broad and deep understanding, it is necessary to use more than a limited number of sources. There is a further reading list at the back of Think Like the Great Investors. There are reviews of some of  them on my website, but it is not hard to find more reviews on the internet. Enjoy the journey.