Ask Colin

Thanks for your reply about relative strength - I have been doing some searching via Goggle and other engines, and will do some more. Spreadsheets are too cumbersome and the charts are poor in appearance. I wish someone had an add-on to Excel or the like that would permit easy custom charting after downloading data. Do you mind mentioning what software you prefer. I suspect it is your own.

I agree that trying to do it with spreadsheets is a pain. However, fortunately the solution has been around for many years. Most charting software packages will do relative strength charts. I would be surprised if those on the Net like Big Charts did not give the same functionality.

The software I use is called Insight Trader. Not only can you do relative strength charts, but you can rebase many charts to the same numerical starting value so that one stock can be compared to another. This saves a great deal of time. For information on Insight Trader, go to It is written by Bernard Chapman. I have no financial interest in this software; I use it because it best suits my needs.