Ask Colin

Why do you not invest outside the ASX?

The detailed question was:

There is a lot of comment in the financial press including from serious investors like the Future Fund about the virtues of owning offshore shares (e.g. Apple etc). It appears you have made the decision in your investment plan to buy locally or not at all. If my understanding is correct any comments on this rationale?

As you should know from my investment plan, which is in Building Wealth in the Stock Market, I only invest in stocks listed on the ASX and why. However, you will see that I  have some overseas exposure even so in Amcor, Ramsay Health Care, Sonic Healthcare, and to a lesser extent Woolworths, Orora, Dulux Group (minor so far), Wesfarmers and Pact Group Holdings. I also held Brambles until recently. These give me exposure to economies outside of Australia.