Ask Colin

Are you able to point me in the right direction on which charting software to buy?

I have been using Insight Trader for many years and continue to believe that it is excellent value for money and does everything I need to trade shares. I recommend it on the basis of my own personal experience. I look at other software from time to time. This falls into three categories:

1. General Charting software. I have not found any as good for my purpose as Insight Trader. There are problems I am aware of in MetaStock yet it is very popular and depending on what you want to do, they may not affect you. The problems mainly concern one box reversal point and figure charts.

2. Specialist Charting Software. I do not have a need for this, but you may. You will have to assess it on its merits against what you want it to do.

3. Computerised Trading Systems with a Charting Module. This is generally a very expensive way to buy charting software. You should also read the ASIC warnings on their website.

Sharefinder really falls into the third category and you cannot therefore fairly compare it to Insight Trader on cost because you are buying their system as well as the charting functions.