Ask Colin

What education and training do you recommend for a beginning trader?

If you are looking for training in analysis or financial markets generally, the best educator in Australia is Kaplan, who run what used to be program run by the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA) previously called the Securities Institure of Australia (SIA). This is the most highly regarded education body for the industry and you should look at doing at least some of their subjects, even if you do not complete their courses, if you are serious about trading. The subjects FIN231 Technical Analysis (previously called E114 Technical Analysis) and the Short Course 9063 Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis (previously called E171 Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis) may be attempted without being a graduate through the ATAA.

However, the Kaplan does not offer any courses or subjects that specifically teach trading to my knowledge.

There are many people out there teaching trading, but only some of them are reputable and/or appear to offer good value for money.  I have either not been able to assess them or I am constrained as to what I may say about them. You should seek the opinion of people who have done their programs before spending money on them, especially when they are asking large amounts for their material.

My web site provides a lot of free advice about trading. The members only section of my web site contains all my copyright material written for magzines and two mini-courses.

My book Building Wealth in the Stock Market (previously titled The Aggressive Investor) also contains a full explanation of my methods of investment and has been very useful to people wishing to develop their own investment or trading plan.