Ask Colin

How do I find stocks to trade by using a system tester where at the moment I am using Insight Trader Software?
  1. You have to decide what your buy signal is. This will be derived from your trading plan. It has to be possible to define it in mathematical terms within the functions allowed in the program.
  1. You type these decision rules for the buy signal (or signals) into the Systems module.
  1. You create a list of stocks to run the system over, using the Generate Archive List function.
  1. You run the rules on the system tester, over your list of stocks.
  1. You inspect the charts and decide what action if any that you want to take.

If you need further instruction on using the program, consider going to one of Bernard Chapman's weekend seminars on how to use the program. They are excellent.

If you do not have a trading plan, consider Garnet Znidaric's and/or my weekend seminars on trading plans. You could also buy my videotape.