Ask Colin

Can you advise me about Insight Trader trading software?

Insight Trader is not trading software that gives buy and sell recommendations. It is strictly charting and analysis software. It is a tool that you use to analyse markets. You must make the buying and selling decisions.

There are some excellent tools within it that help you to scan the data base of stocks using rules you set up to find stocks that have certain characteristics.

It is no more difficult or easier to learn than other charting software. All software takes time to learn and Insight Trader is no different. However, it is well supported by a help line through Dial and Chart and a good user group in Sydney. Bernard Chapman also runs (depending on demand) training seminars that are cheap and excellent value. Many past ones may be purchased from the Insight Trader website as traing CDs.

I suggest you have a chat with Bernard Chapman on 02 4751 2932 and discuss what you are looking for in charting software.