Ask Colin

In Insight Trader, how can I compare the relative strength of ASX Industry Sectors?

This answer uses the Almax code ALODA for the All Ordinaries Index. Substitute whatever your data vendor uses.


Generate H List

Click on Industry Sector until ------ Alcohol and Tobacco Index ------ is at the top

Select Alcohol and Tobacco Index

Hold down Shift and use down arrow to select all the sectors

Accept selection

Type in Industry Sectors

Accept Selection


OK to Reference file Industry Sectors created


Alt+C (or View, Kwikchart)




This is a template chart - you may want to save it as a saved chart

You may also want first to zoom in if it covers a greater period than you want


Generate Chart Arrangement

Type in Industry Sectors


This will chart all the sectors (takes a little while) as relative strength charts all rebased to 100

You can quickly see the strongest - they are rising. Also you can compare the strengths of the rises.

To view them maximised one at a time

Up Arrow

Navigate with

Left Arrow, Right Arrow and Down Arrow

To refine to a short list, close the chart windows you do not want

Click Overlay button

You now have the shortlist of sectors overlaid on one chart