Ask Colin

Thanks for teaching me that it is short-sighted to view stocks as having gone too high and therefore shy away from them.

Thank you for your complimentary remarks about the articles. Your message was not really a question, but I am treating it as one, because I would like to comment on what you have said.

One of the problems in writing articles is that there is always a limit on the space available and we need to make them interesting. We tend to focus on one subject, which can sometimes mean an article, taken in isolation, lacks perspective.

Most investors are afraid to "chase" strong trends and my article was intended to be an antidote to that. However, it must be balanced by the realistic view that all trends end sometimes. It is important not to "fall in love" with a great stock and ride it all the way down to oblivion if bad management or adverse winds of fortune should strike it. For that reason the approach of buying into strong trends should be balanced by my article about stocks that self-destruct.