Ask Colin

Almax provide the Advance-Decline Lines for the All Ordinaries as well as the subsections of mining, industrials and resources. Have you seen these charts?

I get this data, but I do not use it. As I understand it there are two "All Ords" figures - One is just the stocks in the All Ordinaries Index, which I think is useless, because the whole point is to compare the whole market to the price index for only the leading stocks. The other is all the stocks on the ASX, but I do not know how they have defined it exactly. I do not use their data for two reasons - it does not seem to be consistent with the AFR history I have and it does not come in a form consistent with Insight Trader software.

I have done a lot of work with sector advance declines and I do not find they add much to the process. Remember that this is not a crucial indicator to making money from trading. It is only peripheral information to the real game, which is Dow Phase Analysis in deciding market exposure strategy.