Ask Colin

Can I get by with just a swing chart or do I need lots of indicators too?

I think you have to see the enormous range of indicators like a big toolbox. There are lots of ways to deal with each problem in analysis. You can choose the tool you want to use. My own preference is to keep things simple. I find it is the easily understood and simple "big" ideas that make money, rather than the complex things that try to eke out the last \d\r\o\p of profit from situations that are difficult to analyse.

I am a trend trader. I trade the trend from the price directly, rather than use indicators, which are derivatives of the price data and hence looking at reality through a filter. That said, they can sometimes help see things more clearly.

The only indicator I use much is moving averages, and not as a trading signal generation tool, only to smooth out the big cycles on the charts so I can see the trend direction clearly.

Swing charts are another derivative of price and are really just another indicator. I think they can be useful and would not discourage you from using them. I do not think you need all the myriad of other indicators.