Ask Colin

Do you know of data vendors for fundamentals?

This is a bit outside my knowledge, because I am basically a technical analyst. Also, I use the Australian Financial Review (AFR) daily and Shares magazine tables section monthly as major sources of fundamentals. As a subscriber to the AFR I also download their shares tables in Excel spreadsheet form from the Internet and can do sorts etc on it. There is also up-to-date fundamentals on the Ninemsn Finance page from Aspect Financial, which gives me everything I want from the Internet, when I want it. If necessary I can also access most company sites to get annual reports.

I also take the Insight Trader Data Base Manager service, which provides EPS, DPS and NTA, which I can look at whenever I want. Details on

Sharefinder send down fundamentals in their system. Exactly what data or what format and whether you can manipulate it as you want, I am not sure. Ask them on

Roger Montgomery is also claiming to supply a download of fundamental data, but I have not seen the details. Find them on

John Price