Ask Colin

Where can I source volume and RSI for the Dow and Nasdaq on the Internet?

Volume is on Go to News and Media. Select Finance from the menu. Under US Markets, click on the link to Mkt Digest.

I am not aware of a source of RSI data. It would not make sense to supply data as such for RSI, because there are so many possible time period someone may want. I suggest instead that you look for a site that will allow you to chart the data. will definitely let you draw RSI on these markets, but I could not see how to alter the period from 14, which may not be what you want. This is an inherent inflexibility that I think you will find frustrating with Internet charting. Most people soon graduate to a cheap charting software package that is so much more flexible.

RSI should also be available in the charting facility on some of the broker charting services. You could also try the links on