Ask Colin

How you do the value scan of fundamental data manually?

The problem with using the Systems Module and Database Manager service in Insight Trader software is that it is only updated every quarter. Now, this is not a problem in one sense, because most companies only report twice a year. However, there is quite a lag. The reporting season for the period ended 30 June is from 1 July to about mid September (the exact calendar is published on the ASX web site). The database manager update will not be available till early October. This means that a company reporting in July does not appear till October and the data will be nearly 3 months late.

Now, for some important companies, I put the data into Insight Trader by hand. You just edit the fields in the F2 notepad. However, there is a limit to what you can do and there are unreliable data in the news section sometimes.

So, what I do is use the Australian Financial Review tables, bearing in mind that it will often take up to a week to update the tables after a results announcement.

During the period of the reporting season up to the time the Database Manager is updated with fundamental information, I do the scan manually using Monday's Australian Financial Review. This takes about an hour. However, it is not really a problem, because I find that I don't need to do it very often.

Update: Since writing this, it has become possible for subscribers to the Australian Financial Review to download the shares table into an Excel spreadsheet. Once you have it in the spreadsheet, the scan can be done in minutes using the Sort function.