Ask Colin

Please recommend a basic starting book on charting?

John Murphy Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets published by New York Institute of Finance is the best basic textbook. You can get it at the Educated Investor bookshop in Collins Street. Janene, Simon and Rosemary can help you with other books too.

Beyond that, there is a very cheap resource on my Subscription Only web site which is cheaper than a book like Murphy and has over 200 articles and columns - more are added each month.

The best way to learn Technical Analysis is to do the subject E114 Technical Analysis with the Securities Institute. I wrote the subject, which has become the most popular elective subject in the SIA Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment. You can do the subject on a stand-alone basis if you are a member of the ATAA (see, which I recommend anyway and will get you a 10% discount at the Educated Investor bookshop as well! The brochure for first semester 2002 is on the ATAA web site and on my free web site under Ask Colin/Technical Analysis/Education.