Ask Colin

Do I need to study the whole of the Master of Applied Finance at Kaplan, or are FIN231 and Short Course 9063 enough?

Investing and trading were my hobby for 20 years. When I decided to do it full time, I did the SIA's Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, because I thought that I should have a formal education across the field generally. This is now the Kaplan Master in Applied Finance, since they bought the training business from FINSIA/SIA. Whether you need this is a good question, but I think anyone setting out to trade and invest seriously should have such an education. The two technical analysis subjects are great, but you should have a strong exposure to the whole area of knowledge - especially economics, law and fundamental analysis.

I therefore suggest you consider the Master of Applied Finance - or as much of it as you think you need once you get into it. Do the core subjects at least and then those electives that you think will assist what you specifically want to do. If you are going to manage your own money, you need at least the education that you would expect from a fund manager if you gave him or her your money to manage, instead of doing it yourself.