Ask Colin

Where can I get ASX index data for before 1980?

1980 is a key date for Australian indices. This was the date the ASX series of indexes began. This was when the national exchange started publishing indexes. Prior to that we had separate state exchanges and they all had their own indexes. Sydney and Melbourne All Ordinaries or All Industrials were most important. Brisbane had a Sugar index. There were also Mining and Oil Indexes.

The ASX published the recalculated indices going back before 1980 by joining together the old state indices. This was done for the All Ordinaries (which I entered into my computer by hand. They only did it monthly, or perhaps weekly, but I only bothered with monthly back that far. They may have done All Industrials and All Mining, but I am not certain. I also have a recollection of a sugar index, but my memory is vague on that.

Undoubtedly, others have constructed back indices, but I have never chased them up, because I have no need for them.