Ask Colin

You used to teach using point and figure charts, but your book The Aggressive Investor uses bar charts. Are they the same thing?

In short, yes. I am now using bar charts almost exclusively myself. I used them in my early teaching quite some years ago now (This point added to this answer in 2008)) to simplify the teaching - I did not have to spend up to 2 hours teaching the basics of Point and Figure charting. I then found that I was fairly comfortable with them anyway. I had clung on to Point and Figure charts because I had such a good feel for them. Teaching with bar charts helped wean me off them also.

Update March 2008
That answer was written years ago. These days I very rarely look at a point and figure chart (maybe a dozen times a year). All my work is done with weekly and monthly bar charts, which suit my time frame as an investor. Occasionally I use daily bar charts when entering or exiting a position. I also use them sometimes when writing about or teaching analysis. My audience there is not only investors.