Ask Colin

Can the information on the Coppock spreadsheet be set up into a chart so it gives a more visual representation of what the market is doing?

The spreadsheet looks complicated, but it is not. If you follow the steps in my article, you can see them column by column on the spreadsheet. The calculation of the weighted moving average could have been done in one column, but I spread it out step by step for those who wish to do it by hand, or to easily understand the steps. Bearing in mind that it is only one line of calculations a month, it is not that difficult to keep up to date by hand if someone does not have Excel.

The interpretation is really easy, as already described several times on my web site. You just watch the last column. When it is negative and the next month is less negative, that is the signal to begin long term accumulation.

If you want to graph it, that is easy too. You can use Excel. Just plot the last column as a line. If you wish, you can also plot the second column (the index) as a line as well.