Ask Colin

How do I download the Insight Trader format data files from the website?

These are the steps:

Back up all your Insight Trader program and data files. Don't skip this step - Murphy is watching you!

Go to

Click on Data Files

Download the Insight Trader format files you want using your Internet browser. Write down the files names from the links on the web site

It is probably easiest to download them to your desktop

The files are zipped as described on the Data Files page. You need to unzip them using WinZip or similar program. The Data Files page tells you where to get WinZip.

In WinZip you launch WinZip, then click "Open" and browse to the Desktop, or wherever you downloaded the files to. Double click on one of the files you downloaded.

You should see the file names. Write down the name of the nnnnn.dat file next to the link names you recorded earlier. This is so you know what they are later.

If you have split folders, click "Extract" and browse in "Extract To" to the data folder for your Insight Trader files that has the FIRST letter of the nnnn.dat file. Select it by clicking on it once. That will put it in the "Extract To" box. Click "Extract" again to unzip all the files into that folder. (In a normal set up, this will be C:\Winit\(# plus A to Z)

If you do not have split folders, click "Extract" and brows to the "Data" folder that you have all your Insight Trader data files in. Extract all the files to that folder. In a normal set up, this will be C:\Winit\Data)

Repeat the process for every zip file you downloaded. Make sure that if you have split folders, you extract to the correct folder. If you do not have split folders, the Data folder will be already in the "Extract To" box.

Launch Insight Trader. You can now load the file just like any ASX stock, by typing in the nnnn part of the nnnn.dat files you wrote down.

The Data Files pages tell you where the instructions are for setting up the unusual ones.


If you muck something up, that is why you made a backup first.

If you do not understand these steps, I suggest you get someone with computer skills to take you though it.

Vestdata can help you find your Insight Trader files and whether you have split folders. Also read the manual (Bernard may have called them "split directories", using the more generic name).

There are a two ways to configure the WinZip interface. I have given instructions for the "Classic Interface". You may have it set for "Wizard Interface". If you know that use it. Otherwise change to Classic when you launch it.