Ask Colin

Can the New Highs - New Lows data file be directly updated from theInsihjt Trader Systems Module?

At present there is no way to automatically update the Insight Trader data file directly from the Systems Module. The only way to do it is to run the two filters, record the output and then put that data and the difference between the two figures (New Highs minus New Lows) in the data file by hand. If the difference is negative, you must put a minus sign in front of it.

The only other source of the data is from The Australian Financial Review each day. This is how I originally built up the file. I counted up the number of ASX three-letter codes in the Rolling Year Records table for new highs and for new lows. I now do it from Insight Trader. There are some differences in the data using the two methods, but I don't believe they are material. The main thing is to use a consistent method.