Ask Colin

I work full-time. What is the ideal time per week to set aside to study FIN231 and Short Course 9063?

How much time you require will depend on many things, including your existing background knowledge about the markets and any specific knowledge that you bring to it about technical analysis. It is also going to depend on how fast you are in understanding the material. This tends to vary enormously depending on academic experience, how long ago it was and so on.

The basic idea is that you complete the material at the rate of one topic per week from the start of the semester. The topics do differ in length and complexity, so there are easy weeks and harder weeks.

It also seems that most of us absorb the material better in short bursts rather than in trying to do it all in one long session each week. So if you could allocate an hour or so each night, it might be better than trying to work all day on it on the weekend. However, this is going also to vary a lot from person to person.