Ask Colin

Do you offer one-on-one tutoring and is that the way to go?

The whole goal of learning to trade and invest is to stay in the game. If you lose your capital, you are out of the game. So preservation of capital is everything. While you are learning your prime goal must be not to lose rather than making big profits.

A realistic return over all market cycles is about 10 to 12%. It is possible to beat this in some years otherwise it would not be an average. It is also possible for outstanding people to beat this average. However, it is surprisingly difficult even to achieve it.

I do not offer one-to-one tutoring for legal reasons. Nor do I think it is the way to go. You simply have to go through the learning and thinking process yourself and there are no short-cuts.

The only current access to my methods is through my book The Aggressive Investor, details of which are on my free access web site