Ask Colin

I have read the book from Dr. Alexander Elder "Trading for a Living". Dr Elder is recommending the Triple Screen Trading system. As I very much appreciate your advice I would like to ask you what you think about the Triple Screen Trading System. Is it a good system? Do you know an appropriate program?

The Triple Screen Trading System (TSTS) is very sound. It is based on the idea that you work in multiple time frames when trading trends. First, you must know the long term trend, because it influences all shorter term trends. You should trade the shorter trends that are in the same direction as the long term trend. Then you move your analysis to the shorter trends and work out your tactics at that level.

I believe that everything that is in the TSTS can be done in MetaStock. Where an indicator is not in the standard program, the formula for it can be found on the MetaStock web site.

Dr Elder now teaches some advances on this system. He is teaching them at his trading camps. The next opportunity to learn them will be in New Zealand in March 2002. Details are on Dr Elder now uses TradeStation and I believe that he is giving his campers a disk with software relevant to his latest methods.