Ask Colin

What are good sources from which to learn money management?

Naturally, I would point you first to my material. The best source is my book Building Wealth in the Stock Market, where I have enough time to take you through the key ideas that I have assembled from a variety of places. These are also discussed in my case studies on the members (paid) website. The case studies provide many good examples to flesh out your knowledge.

Some of the sources that I have found most useful over the years are:

Tharp, Van K, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Tharp, Van K, Peak Performance Course (the book is better and cheaper, but there is much more than money management in the course)

Elder, Alexander, Trading for a Living

Elder, Alexander, Come into my Trading Room

Rotella, Robert, The Elements of Successful Trading

Teweles, Richard J and Jones, Frank J, The Futures Game