Ask Colin

How do I locate the stocks that have triggered alarms I have set in Insight Trader?

They are stored in a file called HILITE. To view the list, go to File/Highlight List, or just press Alt+J. This list is only kept until the next time you run Datacapt or the Systems module, so if you want to keep the list for any day, you need to save it with a different name - use File/Archive H List. The list may contain many entries other than your alarms. These are triggered by the Momentum, Volume and Price triggers in the Highlighter. Turn them off by Utilities/Datacapt/Set Highlighter Criteria. Set them all to a large number like 1000 and they will never return an alarm.

If you want to easily look at the charts that hit alarms each day, create a template chart and then go View/Generate Chart Arrangement and select Hilite (usually the default). That gives you a screen of charts. Maximise the first one with up arrow and then use the other arrow keys to navigate through the list.