Ask Colin

How do I go about getting a technical analysis job in the industry?

The short answer is with great difficulty. The Australian industry has seen the demise of some important technical analyst jobs in recent years: Cam Gorrie (best in the country on surveys over a decade), Peter Pontikis, Gordon Manning (now at Trendex) and Regina Meani (now at Huntleys). It seems to be a down trend for technical analysis. Still, we keep training people through the Securities Institute and they go into the industry. I think it will pick up again in the next cycle.

In the meanwhile the best approach is to look for a job, any job, in the industry where you might in time be able to use technical analysis - an analyst or trader job would be first to come to mind. To find what you need educationally and the prospects, you need to talk to the major firms - ask for their Human Resources Department.