Ask Colin

Can you recommend a broker who uses the correct technical analysis tools to give investment/trading advice?

No, I can't and this is why:

1. I make all my own decisions and work through a discount broker. I have not relied on the advice of a broker since the early 1970s. I therefore have no direct experience with a full service broker. I am reluctant to recommend anyone I have not worked with personally.

2. In any case, I think your search is futile. If a client adviser was a good investor/trader, he or she would not be working as a client adviser. They could earn far more as a trader or funds manager. So, I suggest you look towards learning the craft yourself.

3. Even if you lucked onto a client adviser who gave super advice, you could still lose money if you do not know about money management. You might find my videotape useful in developing a good trading plan.