Ask Colin

Are you familiar with the Three Bears Option Trading Programme and have you had any feedback about it?

I am not familiar with this software, nor have I had any feedback about it.

I read some of their selling spiel and formed the opinion that it seems to me to be in the "if this sounds too good to be true, it usually is" class. Ask yourself why he is selling it if it is so good. And why aren't the professionals using it?

If you can't resist going further with it, make sure you see audited actual (not theoretical) results from trading the system before you buy it.

Also, bear in mind that options look as though you have limited risk, but are one of the few games where you can quickly lose 100% of your investment. Also, with some strategies, it is possible to lose a multiple of the amount you invested. Option trading is one of the most difficult games there are to play in the markets. You need at least $50,000 capital and you must know the rules of risk management. I would never advise anyone to trade options unless they can show me a two year record of successfully trading shares.