Ask Colin

In changing from Almax to Vestdata (previously Dial & Chart), what needs to be done about the different codes?

The ASX share and index data files should be no problem. Both Almax and Vestdata use the ASX codes. Almax used to have their own codes for ASX indexes, but these have probably been phased out by most users.

However, with non-ASX securities you may need to make some preparations because Almax and Vestdata may use different codes.

Vestdata can give you a list of their codes. Print it out and then go to the Almax web site and write in the Almax codes against the Vestdata list. Then proceed as described below to create new files with the Vestdata code names from your files with the Almax code names.


  • Download the last day you are taking from Almax
  • Back up your Winit folder and all sub-folders.
  • Open Winit and load/chart each of the Almax codes.
  • Use File/Save Data File (or Alt + A) to save the file using the Vestdata code as its name
  • You could also do this using Windows Explorer if you know what you are doing, but it is slower and more complicated.
  • Then use Vestdata and the new code.