Ask Colin

Where can I get PE ratio data consistent with Shares magazine's series?

I do not know of another source other than Shares magazine. It is my belief that the figure is produced especially for them. It differs from the series in the AFR in that it is calculated at month end, whereas the AFR data is calculated on Tuesdays. It differs more importantly in that the E used is profit BEFORE abnormal items. The ASX claimed recently that it was always this way, but I think it was changed in the late 1980s/early 1990s when large abnormal items for some big companies made the ratio ridiculous. The AFR data is based on profit AFTER abnormal items.

Also, Shares magazine may go over to the AFR basis from July 2002. We will have a discontinuity in the calculation of the data, but there will be no alternative.

The AFR data seems to be published each week on Saturday and on Monday. I assume. It comes from the ASX Weekly Diary.