Ask Colin

Where can I find payment and book closing dates for dividends?

Book Closing Dates

These are the most difficult to track down. They are listed in the Australian Financial Review on Mondays in the Dividends Declared table. Other than that, you will probably have to track the actual company announcement off the ASX web site or your broker's site or the company's site itself.

Payments Dates

Australian Financial Review on Mondays

Smart Investor Magazine Tables section

ASX web site Click on Market Statistics and then Dividends.

Ninemsn also has the most recent past dividend payable dates on They are at the bottom of the Interim Data page.

Actually, the book closing date is not really that important unless you are trying to do your own registration of an off-market trade. It is the quoted Ex Dividend date that is the most important. This is in the same places above as the Payment Dates.