Ask Colin

I am a poor student. How can I best learn technical analysis and trading, what software should I buy and what data vendor is cheapest?

If you are a poor student, you need to finish your studies, get a job and then start studying technical analysis and trading while you save enough money to start investing or trading. I suggest you try to read as widely as you can for nothing at libraries. Don't forget to develop a habit of reading the Financial Review there every day. Over time this is one of the best ways to learn the markets.

One thing I have learned is that most unstable businesses spend too much on capital and then run out of cash to conduct their operations. If you spend lots on software, data, books, courses etc you are not going to have enough capital to invest or trade. Sure, education is important. I would suggest you confine that to the Securities Institute because they are the recognised industry education institution. Then do everything else as low cost as you can. Internet charting may not be ideal, but it will do until you accumulate some knowledge and capital. Then you might like to consider buying my material on developing a trading plan.